CHASING ZERO: The Environmental Reformation of America’s Busiest Ports

– Author Kat Janowicz tells the tale of the LA-Long Beach ports’ groundbreaking quest for clean air, how it reshaped an industry, and the daunting challenges to get to zero –

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LONG BEACH, Calif. – June 13, 2023 – In the early 2000s, America’s busiest gateway for clothes, shoes and thousands of other products was under pressure to clean up its act if it wanted to move more cargo. Who was putting the squeeze on the LA-Long ports? Surrounding communities whose residents were sick – figuratively and literally – of the air pollution associated with thousands of ships, trains, trucks and cargo handling equipment hauling billions of dollars of goods to and from U.S. and overseas consumers.

Through the personal stories of those behind this remarkable transformation, including those who live and work in the San Pedro Bay ports communities, Chasing Zero by Kat Janowicz captures the history, challenges, breakthroughs and possibilities of the ports’ ambitious push toward a zero-emissions future. Released today, Janowicz’ debut book breaks down and humanizes international trade, supply chains, climate change, and the economic, social and cultural forces compelling and complicating the quest for clean air.

For the first time ever, people from everyday folks to policymakers have an easy-to-read primer that explains the ports’ initiatives and the larger global context – the opportunities, the costs and the hard choices involved in securing a cleaner, healthier planet and an economy that works for all. Who better to tell the story than Janowicz, an expert in transformative technologies, energy, transportation and sustainability who cares deeply about the health and welfare of all creatures, people and industry included.

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Born and raised in Poland’s scenic port town of Swinoujscie, Kat Janowicz has always been fascinated by nature and how people and things work. After earning an MS in mechanical engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, Kat became a professional engineer, designing and overseeing construction sites and commercial properties across Europe. She then managed logistics real estate while earning an MBA from the University of Warsaw and has since led environmental studies for nuclear and renewable power plants, negotiated international contracts, and mentored startups. Long Beach, Calif., has been Kat’s home port town since 2006. As head of her own company, 3COTECH Inc., Kat uses her expertise in transportation, energy and infrastructure to help public and private entities become more sustainable and resilient.

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