Kat Janowicz Elected President of the Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce.

Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce logoKat Janowicz, founder and president of 3COTECH, has been elected president of the Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce (HAIC) for 2021. Established in 1975, HAIC is a nonprofit industry and commercial trade association that serves as a collective voice to advocate for the harbor business community on important issues pertaining to economic, environmental and public policies.

“This year, HAIC will face both challenges and opportunities. In addition to COVID-19, our focus will on the economy, energy, environmental concerns, and access to capital for infrastructure to maintain and enhance the movement of goods and people,” she said. “My 2021 vision for HAIC has five pillars: 1) reach a broader audience; 2) develop an HAIC digital legacy; 3) expand education and workforce programs; 4) increase legislative advocacy; and 5) engage more HAIC members. I look forward to working together with our members to continue our contributions to these critical drivers of harbor business policy.”

Kat Janowicz, MSME, MBA, CEM, ENV SP, LEED GA is a leader in business strategy, transformative technologies, and stakeholder engagement. She has more than 23 years of international experience in energy, transportation, freight, and logistics real estate, including managing large commercial, industrial facilities and infrastructure projects; evaluating corporate and public sector processes and performance to help organizations improve their operations; and negotiating international contracts in North America and Europe.

Her multidisciplinary engineering and business consultancy firm, 3COTECH, helps create strategies and partnerships to efficiently and sustainably move people and goods on land, at sea, and in the air. 3COTECH’s areas of expertise include evaluating zero-emission technologies and assessing risks to support informed decision-making, with a premium on lessons learned and continuous improvement.

In addition to her professional activities, Janowicz is writing her first book, “Chasing Zero,” due to be published this spring. Based on the remarkable transformation of the nation’s container port complex, the book examines the power of communities to reduce pollution, reshape industries and influence global politics. Topics include the history of environmental reformation at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the challenges of eliminating pollution from international trade, the promises and realities of technology, and the role of government agencies, the private sector and residents in making clean air progress.

For information and HAIC membership, contact Executive Director Henry Rogers at (888) 454-2957 or visit info@harborassn.com.


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